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PartyTime Staffing


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Becoming a Staff Member

*Standard rate- $22hr + gratuity per helper
This includes; Door greeters, servers, bartenders.

*Prep cook rate-$25hr + gratuity per helper
This includes; Prep Chefs, BBQ attendants and Food Stylist.

*Chef rates are quoted separately
depending on each event.

What to know ahead of time...
What day is your event?
What kind of event?
What time does your event start?
Do you need our staff to help with set up?
How many guests are coming?

These are the basics, of course we'll help you set up the rest and make your event a success.
Visit our online order Info/Request form today!

Each staff member has a 5 hr work minimum.

Gratuity is in your discretion.

Staff is to be paid in full at the end of the event.

Upon signing out you will retain a copy of the receipt.

Credit cards will be accepted for deposits by office only.

Balance to be paid by check or cash directly to your Head staff member.

PartyTime Staffing
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