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Becoming a Staff Member

Have your staff arrive early, familiarize them with your home and house rules. Explain the plan for your event or even write a plan so there are fewer questions over the course of the event and less stress on you.

Make sure we have complete details of your needs so the staff has no unexpected surprises and no disappointments. Good communication is the key to making your event special.

Staff your party adequately. The last thing you want to do is run around and work your own party. We want you to relax and only have to give simple instruction or direction to our staff

Happy staff make good workers. We want to make you happy and your event a pleasurable one. Our staff will exhibit respect, professionalism and amiable personalities. We are all human. Give your staff positive reinforcement and watch your party be a success.

Gratuity is always at your discretion and should be given for a job well done. It can be given in one lump sum to be equally divided among the staff or separately to each member accordingly. Be sure to note which staff you like and request them for your next event.

Call us if you have any comments, good or bad. Our office relies on your opinion. We note all compliments and complaints to your file for future reference. Staff is continuously evaluated and your opinion means the most.

Bartenders should never put out a tip jar unless instructed to do so by you. Gratuity should be paid upon performance after the event. If you would rather the bartender have a tip jar please notify our office when you place your order to avoid discrepancies between bar and food servers.

When fine china or delicate objects may be involved please let the staff know how important this is to you. Such as which pieces DO NOT go in the dishwasher.

Know and understand the limits of our staff. Sounds crazy but we hear it all. Staff members do not particularly enjoy cleaning windows, floors or bathrooms. Like we said, it sounds crazy but it happens all the time. Clean up should involve dining and kitchen areas. Making sure all food is put away and your kitchen is restored to its original state.

Staff personnel are pre-screened for the skills required by the trade. Staff are not Employees of PartyTime Staffing but are "Independent Contractors" with PartyTime Staffing Registry. All staff have signed "Independent Contractor Agreements with PartyTime Staffing amd can be presented for any member upon request. All staff are contracted to work with clients directly by way of PartyTime Staffing Registry.

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